Inorganic growth is broadly driven by larger economic themes as organizations today have to reconfigure their strategic initiatives to match macro events and adjust to externalities that change the dynamics of their value chain or competitive landscape. Inorganic expansion can catalyze creation of substantial shareholder wealth, but equally, it can also erode value.

In an era of heightened economic and industrial growth in diverse sectors, transactions involve high stakes. We believe that a successful transaction is the result of a well thought-out process that requires thorough understanding of the commercial, regulatory and tax implications. Our focus is to handhold our clients through the entire transaction process.

Our team of professionals has experience in advising on transactions in diverse sectors including real-estate, manufacturing, pharma, logistics and hospitality. We follow a systematic approach to deliver optimum value to our clients through support at all steps of a transaction.

We assist in all kinds of transactions including acquisitions, mergers, amalgamations, demergers, joint ventures, private equity, divestitures, etc. and offer comprehensive end-to-end Transaction Advisory Services



Amid heightened economic growth and the changing business environment, inorganic growth strategies today involve high stakes. Transactions like mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and spin-offs are regarded as important engines that help enterprises enter new markets, expand the customer base, cut competition, consolidate and grow quickly, and employ new technologies with respect to products, people and processes.


Inorganic growth to boost performance or jumpstart long-term growth can be extraordinarily seductive. But success is far from certain; the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions is 70% to 90%. Far too many enterprises have failed to distinguish between deals that might improve current operations and those that could dramatically transform growth prospects.


Our ability to quickly understand the strategic purpose of a transaction and then use our knowledge on regulatory matters, are some of the factors that have helped us provide out-of-box holistic solutions. Our focus has been to handhold the client through the entire transaction lifecycle upto its closure which has been instrumental in creating and delivering value to our client’s overall purpose and vision.


Our efforts to get an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business objectives coupled with our thorough knowledge, & timely strategic inputs, has not only helped our clients avoid making the wrong choices, but has also helped them in their exit strategies thus safeguarding their overall financial interest and creation of wealth.


We have assisted more than 100 complex small to large transactions that include – acquisitions, mergers, amalgamations, negotiations, demergers, joint ventures, private equity, divestitures, sale of shares, etc.


In 1991, the government signalled a systemic shift to a more open economy with greater reliance on market forces. Since then, Indian companies have increasingly been exposed to domestic and international competition. The business structure today should balance between the short and long term objectives, succession plans, prevailing taxation laws and likely future developments, accessing the privileges of limited liability compliance and regulatory considerations and business risks.


Over the past 50 years, we have garnered a strong knowledge base on regulations and business dynamics. With the increase in globalisation cross border opportunities have increased substantially. Indian companies are more and more investing outside India. Our experienced professionals leverage their in-depth knowledge of the Indian business environment and an incisive understanding of the regulatory framework to address complex cross-border business issues and also support in implementation for both inbound and outbound investments.


We help clients structure their businesses to achieve tax optimisation, effect family governance charters, increase value and manage operations. We assist clients from conceptualisation to implementation – with active partnership in drawing up the concept paper, schemes, valuations, legal requirements, analysing restructuring alternatives and assisting in implementation of selected alternatives. Our long-term perspective towards formulating a suitable and relevant structure has helped clients mitigate future risk pertaining to regulatory or taxation compliance thus saving our clients heart burns later.


Today’s organizations have to be driven by innovation and they are seeking to unlock greater value from existing assets and ongoing capital expenditures—as well as new acquisitions and investments, and complex corporate arrangements. Whilst there is far greater focus on innovation, regulators at the same time are demanding greater transparency through fair value reporting, putting more emphasis on the importance of valuation and value analysis.


An effective valuation is the result of in-depth analysis, experience and professional judgment that meets the objective of the stakeholders. We provide assistance for valuations in all transactions such as business transfers or acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, financial and strategic investments, family re-arrangements etc. We also provide support in valuations for statutory compliance.


At N. A. Shah Associates, we use robust methodologies in arriving at a business valuation including financial modeling and application of appropriate valuation methods with an aim to assist the business decisions of our clients.


The possibility of investments in a company by private equity can help revitalise a business by stimulating the directors to think and come up with new ideas. This idea creation can be an important factor in achieving greater business potential by reanimating the company itself.

Although most of the time, business owners-managers feel like they must sell something personal or lose a degree of control to take on private equity investment, it is often the case that private equity firms will only seek to provide guidance and support rather than to run companies themselves.


Our experienced and dynamic team have a proven track record in Private Equity Advisory with strong relationships with leading financial sponsors in both domestic and international markets. We help our clients to arrive at the most appropriate positioning, managing multiple investors with varied offers, coordinating with service providers for the diligence process, and advising stakeholders on negotiations. Our relationship-driven approach ensures each client receives insightful advice, tailored to deliver the best individual solutions. We have worked with first generation as well as established entrepreneurs, assisting with raising capital at various stages of their business lifecycle and across a number of sectors.