In today’s inter-connected world, competition is pervasive. Businesses have to think big, act fast and transcend geographical boundaries to stay competitive. Mergers and acquisitions have been one of the biggest contributors to India’s economic expansion. While there is hope that India will further liberalise norms to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, there is a growing need for depth, quality and timeliness of the due diligence process.

We believe that GOOD ENOUGH is NOT GOOD ENOUGH anymore. Our significant experience in undertaking diligence in a wide variety of industries and transaction sizes, not only nets the hard data clients need to assess financial and tax exposures, but also gives insights into the target company’s structure, operations, culture, human resources, supplier and customer relationships, competitive positioning and outlook.

While the laws are the same for all businesses, in many cases an in-depth and holistic understanding of the client’s business ethos is missing. We deliver risk-adjusted optimisation by providing simple and precise tax structuring advice. Our processes are time-tested and we do not operate in silos.

Our focused and contemporary methodologies give our client’s management a deeper view of the target company. This methodology helps also in the integration process of the target’s people and business. Our diagnostic approach acts as shock absorber post integration.