Man created the State to govern society. The State levied taxes to run the government. Over time, taxation became more complex. Now, the struggle is to make it simpler.

Amid the challenging economic scenario and newfound initiative by the Government to improve tax environment, businesses need to pay close attention to tax challenges and rework their strategies. Effective tax structuring and planning ensures that organisations remain competitive in this complex business environment and at the same time manage their tax exposure.


While the laws are the same for all businesses, in many cases an in-depth and holistic understanding of the client’s business ethos is missing. We deliver risk-adjusted optimisation by providing simple and precise tax structuring advice. Our processes are time-tested and we do not operate in silos.


We are a group of highly skilled and motivated professionals with more than 120 man-years of experience, advising more than 300 clients – a mix of corporations and HNIs. The team combines its in-depth technical knowledge with appropriate domestic and global insights to help clients develop and execute tax strategies effectively.


Global taxation has an impact on the effective tax rate of the group requiring businesses to pay close attention to their transfer pricing policies, documentation and reporting. Cross-border transactions are rising and compliance with global enforcement framework are increasing at the same pace. There have been increased adjustments to the results of Multi National Enterprises on account of transfer pricing regulations.

We help clients reduce this risk by advising on the transfer pricing policies and also with strategic documentation to support transfer pricing methodologies and issues with a view to minimizing existing and future disputes.


Services offered

  • Advisory
  • Audit
  • Representation before tax authorities

Advanced Pricing Agreements (APA)


On account of rising disputes in Transfer Pricing, clients look forward to obtain certainty on the tax consequences of international transactions. Advanced Pricing Agreements is one such mechanism where we help clients reach prolonged certainty pursuant to mutual discussions and negotiations with the APA authorities and to obtain immunity from unwanted Transfer Pricing adjustments and litigations.

We assist the client in filing for Unilateral as well as Bilateral APAs alongwith extensive position papers before the APA authorities substantiating the propositions placed before them.


Services offered

  • Advisory
  • Representation before APA authorities
  • Annual Compliance Report


Tax planning presents opportunities as well as challenges and complexities. With the constant changes in international as well as domestic frameworks, it becomes essential to tread carefully while devising tax strategies.


With combined experience, we have helped clients minimise tax exposure while easing their burden of ensuring proper compliance with tax legislation. Our focus is on keeping the client’s business objectives at the centre and providing them with innovative solutions.


Our services include advice on tax optimization of various transactions in regular course of business, fund raising, tax due diligence for acquisition, and disposal of assets or undertakings.




We understand the law and focus on preparatory compliance through extensive research and documentation. Despite simplifications of filing of returns, it becomes essential to ensure correct reporting at the time of tax compliances on account of interplay of multiple tax forms and extensive data mining from multiple sources by tax authorities.


We undertake regular compliance health checks for our clients which exhaustively cover all routine matters related to taxation such as withholding & advance tax, lower withholding certificates, impact of ICDS, tax due diligence, review of contingent tax liabilities, filing of various forms / returns prescribed under the Indian Income Tax.




We help clients mitigate risks of long-drawn and daunting litigation through complete, accurate and exhaustive submissions to the tax authorities. Our expertise has been built out of decades of combined experience and capabilities of strong research.


We provide litigation support to our clients in ongoing matters before Tribunals, High Court and Supreme Court where we routinely engage with some of the most respected tax experts in India.


Tax Technology/Automation Solutions:

Use of technology is inevitable in current scenario and automation of processes is key to delivering efficient and effective tax solutions. We offer to our clients dividend process automation which includes bulk generation of Form 15CA / 15CB, filing of TDS return.


Everyone needs a partner – someone in whom they have implicit trust and who helps them secure their legacy with minimal disruption. We, through our private client practice team act as trusted advisors for high net worth individuals, global business families with residencies/assets/obligations across countries and also collaborate with banks, trustees, wealth managers representing HNIs, families and promoter investor companies.


We are driven by an experienced team to address diverse and complex challenges that multi-generational business families, successful entrepreneurs and CXO’s encounter.


We endeavour to provide appropriate solutions in relation to estate and trust planning, tax and regulatory compliances, litigation, tax optimization, profit extraction, charitable desires, family office set-up/management, safe guarding family wealth, advisory on inbound and outbound investments/disinvestments. We coordinate with experts in relevant jurisdiction to provide assistance in compliance in foreign jurisdictions such as USA, UK, Singapore and Dubai.


India has emerged as the fastest-growing economy in the world. Multi-national companies have shown interest in India and Indian Companies have acquired businesses outside India which have increased cross border transactions. It is imperative for businesses to understand the intricacies of Indian tax provisions.


Our team of dedicated tax professionals combined with years of experience, have helped organisations strategize their cross-border transactions.


Our focus areas offer unique global tax services with a view to optimize tax incidences –

  • Evaluation of Double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) entered with India and Multilateral Instruments (MLI);
  • Advising on Place of Effective Management (POEM) and evaluation of BEPS Rules;
  • Preparing and assisting in filing of Advance Pricing Agreement (APA), Master file and Country-by-country reporting (CbCR);
  • Analysing applicability of Safe Hour Rules under transfer pricing provisions;
  • Analysing applicability of Equalization Levy