Compliance & Litigation

Prevention is better than cure. We understand the law and focus on preparatory compliance through extensive documentation.

Litigation and compliance disputes are potential risk areas. We help clients reduce this threat through complete, accurate and exhaustive submissions to the authorities. Our representations and submissions ensure that clients avoid or cut down on litigation. We simplify core issues.

Not only have we helped clients reduce litigation, we have also gained respect among the authorities. We have represented clients at all stages of proceedings and quite often than not the cases involve complex and challenging issues. Our expertise has been built out of decades of combined experience and each matter is handled carefully and by paying attention to detail and we take pride in our diligent preparation. Before judicial authorities our clients are well defended as we are backed by a talented and dedicated support staff. We have briefed and engaged as also routinely consult some of the most respected tax experts and specialists in India.

We have represented clients’ complex and challenging cases and have ensured our best services through all stages of proceedings. We diligently prepare for each case. Our advice comes from decades of combined experience and expertise and therefore each matter is handled with absolute care and attention is given to minute details. Our clients have always been well defended before the judiciary owing to our extremely enabled staff.

Direct Tax Service


Man created the State to govern society. The State levied taxes to run the government. Over time, taxation became more complex. Now, the struggle is to make it simpler.
Amid the challenging economic scenario and newfound initiative by the Government to improve tax environment, businesses need to pay close attention to tax challenges and rework their strategies. Effective tax structuring and planning ensures that organisations remain competitive in this complex business environment and at the same time manage their tax exposure.

While the laws are the same for all businesses, in many cases an in-depth and holistic understanding of the client’s business ethos is missing. We deliver risk-adjusted optimisation by providing simple and precise tax structuring advice. Our processes are time-tested and we do not operate in silos.

We are a group of highly skilled and motivated professionals with more than 120 man-years of experience, advising more than 300 clients – a mix of corporations and HNIs. The team combines its in-depth technical knowledge with appropriate domestic and global insights to help clients develop and execute tax strategies effectively.

Tax Advisory

Tax planning presents opportunities as well as challenges and complexities. In addition, to keep abreast of Indian laws, globalisation is adding a layer of complexity. Staying current with local tax compliance is daunting.

With combined experience, we have helped clients minimise tax exposure while relieving them of the burden of complying with tax legislation. Our focus is on keeping the client’s business objectives at the centre and providing them with innovative solutions.

Our services include advice on tax consequences of various transactions either in regular course of business, fund raising, acquisition or disposal of assets and undertakings, etc.

Transfer Pricing

Cross-border transactions are rising and global enforcement activities are increasing at the same pace. Global businesses view this as a major risk management issue. International transactions include transfer of intellectual property, tangible goods, services, loans or other financing transactions. Tax authorities have been aggressive in making adjustments to results of multiple nation enterprises on account of transfer pricing regulations.

We help clients reduce this risk by advising on the transfer pricing policies and also with strategic documentation to support transfer pricing methodologies and issues with a view to minimizing transfer pricing disputes, if any.