Our journey began in 1965, but we believe it’s only just begun.

Over the past 50 years, N.A. Shah Associates LLP has established itself as a niche professional services firm offering a suite of value-added services and consistently delivering authentic, simple solutions relevant to our clients’ complex challenges.

In the process, we’ve built a family of 280+ – that’s what we prefer to call our team – that includes 12 Partners and more than 80+ chartered accountants, perfectly balancing experience and youth.

We recognize that today’s complex financial world requires simplicity and authenticity. From this we derive our commitment to deliver out-of- the-box solutions that are technically sound, innovative and actionable.

Apart from our people, our greatest assets are the relationships we have nurtured. These are based on our understanding of clients’ businesses and their objectives. Our focused approach rests on a foundation of wisdom and a passion for excellence.