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With Bharat making rapid progress towards a 5 trillion economy, the business community in its quest for growth is also looking at accounting professionals to provide support in their journey. In today financial landscape, the role of chartered accountants extends much beyond regular audit and taxation services.

We understand the business needs and support organization in their growth journey. Our aim is to provide authentic and simple solutions tailored to our clients’ business challenges.

Our service offerings are characterized by personalized solutions, a proactive approach, a proven track record and a client-centric philosophy.


Valuation under different statutes

Under various situations and stages, business would require valuation by chartered accountants for submission to income tax authority and other regulatory bodies etc.

Additionally, fair value reports are also required under GAAP/ Ind AS to comply with the requirements of the said standards e.g. impairment test, fair value of loan portfolio, etc.

Our team is well equipped to provide comprehensive valuation services to ensure due compliance with the law.


Startups and MSME play a pivotal role in Indian economy. Compliances services for start-up businesses are crucial for ensuring legal adherence and mitigating risk as they navigate the intricacies of launching and operating in a complex environment. We offer tailor made services to start-up compliances and help them in their growth journey. The services include:

Entity formation & registration

Assisting the start-up in choosing the appropriate legal structure (sole proprietorship, company, LLP etc.), and handling the necessary registrations with the government authorities like obtaining income PAN/TAN, registration under GST.

Tax fillings & compliances

Helping the start-up in timely filing of various income tax and GST returns.

Accounting system set-up

We help the new companies in set-up chart of accounts, ERP and other accounting system and processes. This includes ensuring there are robust controls in place to ensure timely updation of books of account which facilitate periodic MIS and decision making.

Review of regulatory compliance

Periodic review of regulatory compliances by our expert teams supports the entrepreneur in mitigating the potential risk of any regulatory non-compliances. Such regular reporting and interaction also enhance the level of corporate governance and also increase the confidence of investors / prospective investors.

Due diligence support services

With our multi-disciplinary team having knowledge of accounts, taxation and corporate law, we support start-up ventures in their intent to raise funds. We conduct vendor due diligence (also known as mock due diligence) which prepares the organization for external due diligence. We also support the entities compile and share information with the investors during the course of the due diligence. We also act as coordinators between the Target entity and the external due diligence team


Seamless transition of wealth from one generation to another appears to be a simple process. However, with a plethora of laws and regulations and as part of family arrangement the actual transition could be challenging and, in some cases, very taxing.

The wisdom and knowledge from the years of experience enable our team to deal with those challenges. We provide simple but customized solutions to the needs of our clients which are practically implementable. The services include:


o Estate planning, formation of private family trust and related tax compliances
o Drafting of wills


Business structuring requires proper compliance under various statues and meticulous implementation. With our knowledge of accounting standards, taxation laws and corporate laws, we play a key role in ensuring that the compliance requirements are met on a timely basis to achieve desired objective.

Our team supports the entities in various aspects including but not limited to

o Buyback under Companies Act 2013
o Scheme related certification under Companies Act 2013
o Business combination accounting under Ind AS 103 & IGAAP


The concept of Vikshit Bharat cannot be fulfilled unless there is an all-round growth and sustainable development of society. There is an increased expectation from the corporates to ensure that CSR objectives and spending yield the desirable results.

We play a key role in supporting the entities to achieve their CSR and ESG objectives by providing the following support services:

Independent assurances services for verification of CSR and ESG reports. This enhances the credibility of the reports prepared and ensures a high level of accuracy. The outcome of the exercise also results into various value-added suggestions in related to data capturing, maker checker controls, automation, and integration. Conduct audits of CSR projects (including projects handled by third parties to whom contributions have been made) to ensure:

1) Compliance with objective of the project
2) Utilization of funds
3) Periodic reporting and MIS
4) Monitoring of timelines

Formulating & improvising the standard operating procedures to imbibe the ESG aspects. This would include procedures to ensure compliance by the supply chain partners, monitoring of wastages etc.


With the growing economy and improving business prospects, many companies are looking at listing with stock exchanges for raising funds and / or providing exit opportunities to their investors. Listing on stock exchanges is a process which requires the companies to make various disclosures in its offer document. Our team supports the management in this endeavor by providing the following services:

Providing Independent Chartered Accountant certificates which are required by Merchant Bankers, Lawyers as a part of the listing process. Our knowledge of the Ind AS (accounting standards), and regulatory compliances put us in a unique position where we are able to ensure that we meet the strict timelines to satisfaction of the merchant bankers and lawyers.

Listing requires a mandatory transition from IGAAP to Ind AS. Our team supports the management in this transition. The process involves identification of key issues during the transition, its impact on the financial statements and ensuring due compliance with the requirements of Ind AS.