A transformation of who we are, how we behave, how we think and what we value has transformed businesses. The evolution of the human quest for purpose and fulfillment has changed the way enterprises look at change and implement it.


Unless managements address the issues of purpose and meaning, they cannot develop a long-term strategy for growth and sustainability. Far too few look at the overall objective and issues in a holistic manner. The complex business environment results in complex business structures, which become the biggest barriers to success.


We don’t just provide solutions; we fix the root of the problem. We strongly believe that a complex strategy isn’t always necessary for success; often a simple, well-thought-out strategy does the trick. Our clients today are constantly exposed to a long list of external and internal risks. This results in our clients being faced with a plethora of options to mitigate the risks faced and keep the organization on the growth track. Our single minded approach has been to evaluate each and every option and come up with the best solution that is relevant to the enterprises’ overall business objective and the issues it is facing to achieve those objective.


Our team of experienced & dynamic professionals with more than 100 man years of experience has successfully acted as the sounding board for decision-makers, providing out-of-the-box solutions for the most complex problems. We have provided advisory services in various areas ranging from family governance to start-up mentoring, business structuring, mergers and acquisitions, divestments to clients ranging across various sectors.




With the dynamics of business constantly changing, enterprises today have to continuously work on reinventing themselves and their business strategies’. And it would need to be done at a rate that matches the external change that companies face. Not only has the overall speed of change increased, but so too has the variety of strategic environments in which companies must function—across businesses and over time.


Owing to this, business owners / CEO / CFO’s today need a trusted friend and confidant who can be their devil’s advocate and critically evaluate the strategies employed. We play multiple roles through the life cycle of a business for strategy formulation and implementation. We provide solutions to complex business problems that are holistic and relevant to current economic environment. Our team manoeuvres their advisory roles with active and passive participation in strategic decision making processes.


We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with implementable suggestions for achieving their objectives. Strategy development is about getting the big picture right and identifying / evolving strategies to achieve the same. Our key focus areas include improving business profitability, defining the organization structure, roles and responsibilities, competitive positioning and overall enhancement of value for stakeholders.


We have provided strategic inputs to various clients on issues ranging from changing market scenarios, regulatory developments, M&A, etc. In addition to above we assist our clients in framing achievable action plans and developing detailed business plans.


Negotiations are an integral part of the lives of nearly all people, and people negotiate about almost all aspects of life. And like people, every organization worth it’s salt is also constantly negotiating a better value all the time. Around the world and across all sectors, organisations are experiencing an unprecedented pace of change. As a result, businesses are rapidly re-evaluating their operating models and market strategies not just to withstand these market forces, but capitalise on them and build a value for its stakeholders across.


Organizations of all shapes and sizes are constantly involved in high stake negotiations. It is imperative for the organizations to ensure the negotiations have an amicable closure with a win-win situation for both parties. Our primary focus has been to ensure a favourable outcome that delivers substantial value for our clients involved in high stake negotiations. We remove the emotions attached from any commercial negotiations and focus on a value driven approach.


Our negotiation services provide our clients with the necessary active and passive support to enhance value in any situation. Our experience, skill and tailor-made innovative strategies enable our clients to achieve their objectives through mutually acceptable solutions.


Our experience in analyzing numerous deals and agreements proves invaluable to clients, whether they are start-ups or large conglomerates seeking to maximize value. We have effectively negotiated for diverse scenarios including family partitions, joint ventures, investments, divestments, franchisee agreements, etc., and ensured we achieve a win-win situation in each & every deal we have been associated with.


The digital revolution and the explosion of social media have profoundly changed what influences consumers today as they undertake their purchasing decision journey. This has directly impacted the business structures of enterprises today, who are now moving away from a static services model to become more competitive. To cater to the growing needs and demands of today’s evolved consumers, there is an explosion of the start-up scene in India. The number of start-ups in India is on the rise. It has gained serious momentum over the last couple of years. Investors on the other hand are constantly looking for innovative ventures for long-term value creation.


But, a brilliant idea is not enough; you need capital, a robust business structure and mentors to transform the new age entrepreneurs from being innovators to value creators. Our focus at N. A. Shah Associates, since our inception has been to help in bringing about this transformation seamlessly.


We have advised & mentored start-ups from diverse sectors such as e-commerce, software services, education, financial services, QSR, engineering, auto ancillaries, etc. Through our out-of-the-box approach, we have helped start-ups in building robust term sheets, preparing documentation, due-diligence, financial model structuring and negotiations.